The Law Offices of Nicomedes E. Suriel

Welcome to our Law Office.

I started this law firm in January 2000 after working at the Friendly House, Inc, which is a non-profit organization founded in 1920 to assist Chinese immigrants.  I was the Immigration Department Director as well as the lead trial Attorney from 1995 to 1999.  I had as many as 20-people working for me both in paid and unpaid positions.  I tried my first case before Immigration Judge John W. Richardson in September of 1992 — which I won!  My philosophy is simple — provide competent, honest legal advice and representation.  Then treat clients with respect and always tell clients the truth even when it is difficult.  My staff and I are dedicated to our clients cause.  We are your guides through the maze that is US immigration law and procedure.  This is an imagery that I think is appropriate in most immigration cases:  that of a tour guide, especially one that takes you through an overgrown jungle on a safari.

My own immigration story began in September 1969 when my father decided my mom, three sisters and I would immigrate to the US from the Dominican Republic.  It was my father’s dream to come to the US and “Make it in America.”  My mother, my sisters and I came to the US reluctantly.  We had a lot of family there, many friends and lived a nice, comfortable life as my father was a successful businessman.  I didn’t speak any English when we arrived in New York City and I fought learning this odd language in solidarity with my mom and sisters.  Our lives changed suddenly when my father died in 1974.  It took me many years to obtain my Legal Permanent Residency “green card” and then another five years to start the application process for US Citizenship through Naturalization.  I was sworn in as a US Citizen on December 21, 1987 in San Luis Obispo, CA.  A very proud day for me.

My staff includes my of-counsel attorney Mr. Angelo F. “Andy” Addona.  Mr. Addona and I have had a professional association that goes back to January 1996 when he volunteered to help me at the Friendly House.  He has been my mentor and sponsor to the US District Court, Arizona, The US Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit (1997) and the US Supreme Court (2007).  In his more than 50-years as an attorney Mr. Addona has held many posts within the US Department of State and has traveled extensively.

Welcome.  We look forward to being of service.

Important Note:  An immigration consultation is a very important first step. Everyone that becomes our client must first come and meet with me.  We require that you bring copies of all the pertinent documents we will need to see and review.  There are some attorneys who advertise “free” initial phone consultations.  I have found through the years that there is nothing more expensive than talking to some assistant whose job it is to screen calls and tells you that you have a case when of course they know nothing about you and your matter.  There is no substitute to a face-to-face substantive consultation with an experienced and honest immigration attorney.